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IGN looks at Arx

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IGN looks at Arx

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 12 November 2002, 15:33:27

Tags: Arx Fatalis

PC.IGN has published their review of Arx Fatalis. There's some pretty good stuff in this review as well, such as how annoying the food system is:

Unfortunately, what I found to be a pretty enjoyable experience was marred by some technical issues and some annoying decisions. The most annoying of these was to make this Am Shegar character a damn bottomless pit for food. The bastard gets hungry every 10 damn minutes. "I'm hungry." "I should eat now." Shut the hell up! You just ate five chickens and 10 loaves of bread not a quarter hour ago! I think I've eaten every piece of food in Arx. Nations are starving because of this guy and nobody seems to mind that they're winter stores consist of a two loaves of bread and an uncooked fish, what amounts to a snack in between snacks for this guy. I think at this point, I've probably eaten 20 chickens, at least 60 loaves of bread, 30 pieces of cheese, maybe 100 mushrooms, 7 whole apple pies, 20 ribs, God knows how many apples, carrots, leeks, and more fish than the small underground lakes could possible have held in the first place.​

The over all verdict is an 8.0/10.

Spotted this at RPGDot.

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