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Prelude to Darkness demo out

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Prelude to Darkness demo out

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 15 November 2002, 02:00:03

Tags: Prelude to Darkness

Gamer's Hell has a demo available for Prelude to Darkness, the 3D, fantasy, turn based CRPG done in the spirit of the old Ultima series of CRPGs. The demo is 70MB. Here's a bit on the game taken from the FAQ:

How will I create them?

Character creation will involve distributing points for each of the three members of the player's party in order to increase skills, bloodlines, and attributes.

What kind of classes and races are available?

Class is not appropriate for this system, the player may or may not choose a background for the character, but the character is defined by his skills and attributes, not a class.

There are three races available, all of which are human: Flame, River and Mixed. The racial composition of the player's party can have a huge affect on gameplay, influencing the magics available to a character, the items and skills he can learn and the people he can interact with. Gender will have an effect on NPC interactions as well.

Spotted this over at Blue's.

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