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Two Worlds - the most stunning RPG evar!

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Two Worlds - the most stunning RPG evar!

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sun 27 November 2005, 20:52:04

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GameCloud has posted an official announcement of Two Worlds, a new RPG for PC and Xbox 360. Not much is known about the game other than that the fact that it looks so awesome, that even the human eye may not be able to handle all that awesomeness properly, and additional transplants may be required.

Set for release in November of 2006 on X-box 360 and PC, Two Worlds will be the most stunning RPG ever made with graphical possibilities that today’s graphic cards can not even deliver to its fullest potential.

The storyline will be set in a mid-evil time frame where good and evil are actively vying for the very hearts and souls of mankind. This storyline will be told in a very stirring, deep, and non-linear manner that will offer the game player several different endings based on his own individual character traits, will, and morality.

There will be an amazing array of guilds, destinations, and characters with great depth and detail. Additionally, each character played will gain experience in various skill sets in a manner that is more realistic and compelling then any other game to date. For example, hand to hand combat has never been seen like this in an RPG to date.

There will be a large campaign mode and an immersive online component that will be free.​
Well, they sure know how to hype them. Let's see if they can make 'em.

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