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Telefragged praises Mount & Blade

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Telefragged praises Mount & Blade

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 20 January 2006, 17:47:06

Tags: Mount & Blade; TaleWorlds

Telefragged has posted a preview (someone should tell them that the game is out) of Mount & Blade, an indie RPG featuring the best mounted combat known to man.

The game seems pretty simplistic, but trust me on this - there's plenty here, even for hardened veterans of full-price RPG titles out there. As you level up and build your skills and weapon capabilities, you'll find that Mount & Blade offers a dynamic style of combat that's unlike any other. Not only will you need to make some important tactical decisions to win (for example, fighting at the top of a hill so that enemy mounted troops can't charge you, since the horses slow down when going uphill), but you'll need to have a character that's built well to use whatever weapon's in your hand. Finally, all action occurs in real time so you'll need good reflexes - and precise aim as well if you're using a bow, crossbow, or throwing weapon.

Here's an example of a situation that can commonly occur in mid-battle: you'll be on your horse, plunking away with your bow when you realize that some enemy mounted troops have snuck around behind you. They charge up with their swords, brutally crippling your horse as you topple to the ground. You'll fight your way back to your feet and fire off a shot that one of the mounted riders blocks with his shield (and the arrow will stay stuck in the shield!), doing a grand total of zero damage. A horse tramples you, hurting you somewhat but not too badly. Again you get on your feet, and then you realize that one of the horsemen has no shield - a couple seconds later, with an arrow sticking out of his neck, he drops off of his horse and you take this opportunity as a chance to get away. You jump on the dead guy's horse to barely escape two more mounted units, and as you ride off, you turn to your side in the saddle and start scoring more killing blows with your bow.
Sounds appealing, doesn't? Support indie developers and get the demo today

Spotted at: RPG Dot

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