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GameDaily previews Space Rangers 2

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GameDaily previews Space Rangers 2

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 25 January 2006, 22:11:03

Tags: 1C Entertainment; Space Rangers 2: Dominators

GameDaily has posted a very <a href=http://pc.gamedaily.com/game/preview/?gameid=4905&page=2>positive preview[/url] of Space Rangers 2, praising all the cool stuff you can do in the game, and trust me, it's not a short list.

Finally, the last type of gameplay is a multiple choice Choose Your Own Adventure setup where you must answer a series of questions to achieve a goal such as becoming president/overlord/big daddy of some planet. The presidential questions, for example, focus on what you're going to do for its inhabitants and your opinions on certain subjects, so in the case of journalism, you can say that all reporters should be shot or put on a pedestal, among other choices, and during this inquisition you can monitor opinion polls and how you're being received by various factions, so answering doesn't feel like one huge shot in the dark. And depending on how you answer your numbers will go up, but there are deadly consequences if you select the wrong responses. Therefore, it's a good idea to read up on a planet to find out if it's a democracy or dictatorship as well as how its inhabitants perceive humans. People will usually help you because you're of the same species (if you choose to be a human character, that is), but some aliens won't take too kindly to having your smelly carcass on your planet, though it's possible to strike deals.​
A great game, don't miss it.

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