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DailyGame posts a mini-interview on Sea Dogs 2

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DailyGame posts a mini-interview on Sea Dogs 2

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 16 November 2002, 21:51:37

Tags: Pirates of the Carribean

DailyGame has posted a brief interview with Pete Hines about Sea Dogs 2, which is a pirate/captain CRPG set in the high seas era. Here's a bit:

Does Sea Dogs IIoffer multiple campaigns, as in the original?

You play the game as one of two characters ? Danielle or Blaze ? and the campaign is slightly different depending on the character you choose. We felt that the different storylines in the original Sea Dogs provided a lot of gameplay options, but it confused some folks as they switched between sides, and it was difficult to tell which areas were ?roped off? to the character or which quests were no longer available.

So in Sea Dogs IIwe still have different forces fighting for control, but the storyline is the same. Much like in Morrowind, these groups perhaps change your perspective on the main quest and how you go about completing it, but they don?t change the quest itself.

The way we handle it in Sea Dogs IIis to provide you with a structured main quest that is easy to follow. This provides the ?greased rails? for people who are interested in sitting down with a game and finishing it over a defined period of time. In addition, Sea Dogs IIprovides a lot of off-the-beaten-path quests and randomly generated quests (based on the stats of your character and ship at the time), which provide endless amounts of open-ended gameplay. In that sense, it?s a lot like Morrowind in that you can go where you want and just have fun doing things and living in the world. At the same time, the main story is very structured and streamlined for the gamer who doesn?t want to play for 200 hours ... they just want to play, have fun and finish.​

And that's about the best part of the interview there.

Spotted over at RPGDot.

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