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Space Rangers 2 interview at GameCloud

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Space Rangers 2 interview at GameCloud

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 22 February 2006, 02:48:29

Tags: Space Rangers 2: Dominators

GameCloud has posted an interview with Space Rangers 2's developer/publisher combo:

What can you tell us about the storyline of the game?

David Mercer - One of the great things about Space Rangers 2 is how open-ended the game is. There are in-game quests that can help develop relationships with different factions throughout the universe, but overall you define the storyline. You can go anywhere and play just about any role you'd like. The SR2 universe is a living & breathing entity that evolves and develops and the storyline is really about you trying to carve out your place in it. Complete freedom is what this game is all about.

What other unique gameplay elements will the game have?

David Mercer - Space Rangers is full of little surprises. One of the things we really enjoy about it is the variety; it really pulls something from just about every genre out there and rolls it up into one really great game. It's not just about turn based space combat, or RTS robot battles. It is an RPG with you customizing your character’s abilities to create just the character you want, it's an adventure game where you explore an immense living & breathing universe, it's a game that packed with hidden details and things to discover!​
Not the best interview, but the game is good, and that's what's important.

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