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Codex Interview with MCA

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Codex Interview with MCA

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 8 March 2006, 01:00:18

Tags: Chris Avellone; Obsidian Entertainment

Chris Avellone has kindly agreed to answer a few questions (the link will be enabled shortly) and draw a few pictures for people with reading comprehension issues. Chris even decided to turn the interview into a real dialogue, and he was going to comment on my comments - "Oh no way, I'd love to answer these, buckle up. ;)", but LucasArts' people called and said that they want KOTOR 3 out by Christmas, so he had to get back to work.

Part I

Presenting the very first RPG Codex Dialogue - by this, I mean, this ended up not being an interview, but a back and forth question and answer session with Vince, which yielded the answers below, and also allowed me to transcend to Aging Developer Level 33 (34?). I am also pleased to say that as a result of these dialogues, Vince and I are currently dating, and he is quite the handful in the bedroom.

But first, let me share with you a 'true' story. It contains mild profanity, but what good story doesn't, I always say. If your ears are fragile and delicate, go read RPGDot, since they're probably more professional and up-to-date on relevant RPG news anyway... as you well know, RPGCodex is just where you come out of morbid fascination and to watch forum posters get eviscerated.


The other day, I was talking with one of my 'friends,' when I told him I was doing an interview with RPG Codex. We'll call him Gave Daider.

"Why? RPG Codex is a bunch of whiny aging babies who are allergic to consoles or any RPG made after 1999," my 'friend' replied.


I was taken aback. What a flippant, unfair characterization. I immediately re-evaluated my friendship with this 'person,' who shall remain nameless and could potentially be imaginary as well.


Quick in RPG Codex's defense, I replied, "Come on, that's not true. Take Proverbius, for example... he's cool."

My 'friend' laughed. "Prover-bias? Give me a break, that's guy's an ass."


I got a little irritated, since I don't cotton to that kind of slander about a respected member of the web community, so I kicked him right in his Kilzigs. Now, if he had presented a rational, well-constructed argument as to why Proverbius is an ass, I may have listened to it, but without a critical argument, no, I can't condone idiotic prattle like that.


Anyway, so here's the dialogue with RPG Codex. BTW, when these were given to me, they were put with the disclaimer that the questions "are neither 'loaded' or hostile." Which immediately put me on my guard, since you know as soon as an interviewer says that, they realize the questions could immediately be construed as hostile and they're probably parked outside your house with a gun waiting for you to open the front door:

VINCE: Here are the questions. They are neither "loaded" nor hostile. I see them as interesting, and even if you disagree with some opinions, you can easily dispute them in your answers.

However, if some questions bother you, I'd be glad to replace or reword them.
Nonsense, I say, and as a result, the questions here are presented uncut and unedited. As it turns out, none of the questions were really very hostile at all, which was disappointing. I tried to bait Vince by asking him some hostile questions, but that didn't work, either.

He had some clarifications, though:

VINCE: The interview is for RPG Codex and questions asked reflect what many folks there think of those games, i.e. that NR doesn't fit, that PST is a top 10 game, and that K2 fell short. So, like I said, feel free to comment or disagree.
Just so you all here at RPG Codex know what you all collectively think. I, for one, am glad for the unified opinion, since groupthink is the way of the future. Still, to be fair, I feel I must respond with the following:

CHRIS: The answers herein are solely my opinion, and do not necessarily reflect the attitudes of Obsidian Entertainment or its design and production staff. If anything here seems like it could be damaging, it's only fair to warn you that this interview was in fact answered by Chris Applehaus, who occasionally impersonates Chris Avellone, and Mr. Applehaus really has no business answering questions for Obsidian Entertainment or anything related to its games or design philosophy.
Oh, and FINALLY, there are a few spoilers here for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and Planescape Torment, so if you intend to play any of these games (good luck finding Torment), don't read this unless you love spoilers. If you do love spoilers, you are a sicko and better keep your mouth shut around me if you've seen any film before me, even if it was only aired on the sci-fi channel.​

This interview continues in Part II.

We'd like to thank Chris, Obsidian Entertainment, and Lucas Arts for the interview.

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