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Dungeon Lords re-nailed by Worthplaying

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Dungeon Lords re-nailed by Worthplaying

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 29 March 2006, 20:43:42

Tags: Dungeon Lords

Since there's a Collector's Edition of Dungeon Lords out now, Worth Playing has forged a new review of the title based on the re-release of said game. The tally is a 4/10 for the patched up and pushed out new version, which is pretty bad. Here's a bit of the closing arguments:

If this has not been stated clearly enough, Dungeon Lords is riddled with an incredible number of basic issues, turning a reasonably good, if generic, concept into a nigh-intolerable game that shows potential to at least be fun, but falls short on almost every important scale. A few strongly dedicated Action/RPG players may find the game playable, however, I strongly recommend against spending the time and money to try.​
I look forward to D.W. Bradley's next title so we can talk about how great a designer he is because he worked on some classic games once upon a title, completely forgetting what he's done recently.

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