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Turn-based Space Action RPG in the making from Ex-Troika

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Turn-based Space Action RPG in the making from Ex-Troika

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 8 May 2006, 03:12:10

Tags: Dropship; Laidback Gaming; Michael Sean McCarthy

Remember Michael McCarthy? He used to work for Troika Games. Well, from their ashes, he's moved out and decided to set up his own company. He let us know about the project he's working on so we decided to follow him up and do an interview. Here's a taste of the game:

Oh it's going to be dark....

The game is set in the year 2109 and takes place entirely around the moons of Saturn. Most of solar system is colonized and space travel is common, but still very dangerous. You are the commander of a powerful Dropship that houses a 4 man team You are charged with the responsibility of system security. You are like an extreme military enforced S.W.A.T. team in space. You are concealed in the control room of your Dropship and issue commands to your units in the field.

In this game, space is dangerous. Forget warp drives and beaming up anything. For instance, if one of your team members is in space and gets his suit damaged, he may only have 60 seconds to reach the airlock before his temperature control system fails and he freezes to death instantly. Same thing goes for someone you might be supposed to rescue. If you bust into a room on a spacecraft and start firing your cannon off, you might crack a window and suck little Timmy out into the void of space. A lot of this plays into equipping your team; big firepower can certainly be effective, but might not always be the best choice given the environment you are in.

On the RPG end, all communication with people you encounter comes from you. Any member of your team can fire up the communicator and you can speak through it to NPC's in the field. What you say, who you kill or who you let live, how you handle the mission, etc., all play into what missions you receive, what kind of help you have during your missions, available equipment, and a number of other factors that will reveal themselves as the game progresses.

There are two things you manage and upgrade during the game, your team and your Dropship. For your team stat wise, you can expect all the standards like strength and dex and intelligence and such. There are skills as well. Raising your skills and stats gives you the ability to use technology like forced entry devices (lock picks) and field med scanners (health packs). Your Dropship has many areas that can be upgraded as well. Of course your weaponry, but also things like your landing gear. Better landing gear will give you more advantageous landing locations around the level.​
In our interview you'll find more questions such as what it was like to work at Troika, how Troika went about making games and how Michael plans to avoid the same fate as his former employer.

Thanks Michael!

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