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Darkstar One lovin' preview at IGN UK

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Darkstar One lovin' preview at IGN UK

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 11 June 2006, 19:18:26

Tags: Darkstar One

IGN UK has a preview of Darkstar One. It seems the Brit bloke who wrote the thing really liked the test build. He either really likes the genre, or he really likes MobyGames, since he name drops a lot. He didn't mention Hardwar, though. Anyway, clip:

While not as ambitious as MegaTraveller 2, it had its own charms. You could be a mercenary, trader, or bounty hunter, or a combination thereof. Unfortunately, this type of action adventure game never really took off. Another Privateer came out, but it was an FMV adventure, and not particularly good. Then came X: Beyond the Frontier and its sequels, and the long-awaited Freelancer. I was starting to think that nostalgia had made Privateer seem better than it was. Then DarkStar One arrived in my mailbox. I had no particular expectations -- it was a preview build, in German with English subtitles, of a game that looked like Freelancer. Well, I've been there before, right? But, after several straight days of plowing through DS1, I'm here to tell you that it's turning out to be the best game of its type that I've played. That's right. Ascaron Entertainment, the guys mostly known for Port Royale and Sacred, have crafted an action adventure space game that puts previous watermarks to the test.​
I still have to say, someone needs to adopt the Freelancer control scheme for one of these games. The control scheme was probably the only decent thing out of that game.

Thanks, Mr. Teatime of DAC!

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