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Gaming Illustrated does Arx

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Gaming Illustrated does Arx

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 20 November 2002, 18:28:04

Tags: Arx Fatalis

Gaming Illustrated has posted up their review of Arx Fatalis and have given the game a 76%. Here's a touch:

I have seen a lot of hype over Arx Fatalis' graphics, well?I'm sorry but I'm not wholly convinced? The environments look quite pretty, lots of organic looking tunnels mixed with underground castles and houses, made with some nice detail textures. They are very dark though (and no, it isn't my gamma!), having your torch die and having to stumble around in the pitch black is not easy or fun. The worst thing though are the characters, the are not particularly well detailed in terms of their 3D model and their texturing. Their deaths are particularly bloody, not since the Beatles movie 'Help!' have I seen so much red paint being sloshed around. Also, despite running on an AthlonXP 1800+ and Geforce4 Ti4200 it still felt quite clunky and jerky. The weirdest thing though is the jumping, your viewpoint shoots up and down smoothly in under a second taking no notice of basic laws of physics and is generally terribly unconvincing.​

Is it me, or does this game have a little too much micromanagement? You have to eat. You have to keep torches lit. You have to keep weapons and armor repaired.

Spotted this over at Blue's News

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