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Warp Rogue moves up to 0.6.2

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Warp Rogue moves up to 0.6.2

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 30 June 2006, 22:01:34

Tags: Warp Rogue

Warp Rogue has now upped itself, via copx's evil Communist coding methods, to version 0.6.2. Here's a list of changes to inspire you to download it again:
  • The compile guide was improved.
  • Party members now drop all their equipment when they die.
  • It is now possible to rename party members.
  • The NOTICE message was fixed.
  • The blood effects are now optional.
  • Four new macro slots were added.
  • Nomat now worsens the effects of psychic overloads.
  • A few character status flags were not documented. Fixed.
  • Using psychic powers against objects crashed the game. Fixed.
  • The "Blademaster" ability was broken. Fixed.
  • It is now possible to dismiss party members.
  • The victory screen was slighlty modified.
  • The "Battle tactics" ability was implemented.
  • The Psyker AI was improved.
  • Attack -> Nearest enemy did not always work. Fixed.
  • Mac OS X: the Delete key did not work. Fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to call undefined macros. (Henrik Gustafsson)
So, mind blasting chairs used to be bad.

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