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Two Worlds update

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Two Worlds update

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 17 July 2006, 16:02:26

Tags: Two Worlds

More Two Worlds stuff. The website has been updated, so now you can win prizes, learn about the innovative magic system, ripped from the "most popular collectible card games", see those european knights in heavy armor practicing their kung-fu, and read all kinda hype. Looks like Bethesda has finally met its match.

Additionally, the free download contains highlights and themes of the upcoming blockbuster RPG “Two Worlds”. Harold Faltermeyer, the academy award winning composer of the “Two Worlds” soundtrack, shows off his musical prowess with an original track for the “Two Worlds” table.
The developers have published the first cards out of the “Two Worlds” magic system. Just click the window on the left and you will see six spell cards. To make the magic system in Two Worlds more intuitive and flexible, it has been designed to resemble the system used in today’s most popular collectible card games.
The free pinball game is only one table from the upcoming blockbuster PC title “Dream Pinball 3D” - coming out later this summer.
Academy Award winner, Harold Faltermeyer, who is composing the soundtrack for the role playing game, will give everyone a first glimpse of his brilliant masterpiece at the opening concert of the Games Convention on 23rd August.
In an incredible look into the future of RPG gaming - “Two Worlds” throws away long load times and compartmentalized gaming design and lets you turn your environment inside out. Walk into a room and leave the door wide open ...
I discovered the new meaning of "shameless" today.

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