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Darkstar One brings joy to GameSlave

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Darkstar One brings joy to GameSlave

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 26 July 2006, 18:28:33

Tags: Darkstar One

There's a review of Darkstar One over at GameSlave. While they fault the replay value of the title, systems being too much like one another, and a few other quips, the score is a respectable 7.5/10 with the body of the thing citing mostly good points. Here's a clip:

The preview build I played featured German voice-acting. With the review code comes full English voice-over work. Sadly many of these voices do not live up to their German counterparts. It's often hard to say what's wrong, but they often just don't feel right. Still, it's an admirable effort, and the game is packed to the brim with speech - everything from story scenes and banter between ships, to your co-pilot enthusiastically crying with delight as you blast another pirate out of the sky. Other sound-effects remain convincing and robust. A solid story (though one that doesn't throw too many surprises) helps raise the level of immersion further.​
How exactly do animated cut scenes raise immersion? If you're in control of what you do one minute and just paassively watching things the next, you're no longer immersed in what you're doing. There's also the wacky shift from first to third person which is immersion breaking.

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