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Informative Titan Quest review at Gameworld

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Informative Titan Quest review at Gameworld

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 3 August 2006, 18:06:01

Tags: Iron Lore; Titan Quest

Gameworld Networld has posted a review of Titan Quest, generously giving the game 78%, noting repetitive fighting, a mediocre story, and overkill with regards to item drops and money.

In addition, the fighting overall can get very repetitive. Although there is a varied assortment of different looking monsters, there are only about ten that actually play differently. The rest are just new skins draped over the same old monsters. Also the only tactic that said monsters seem to know is the “swarm” attack.
As far as item drops are concerned, Iron Lore over-produced on this promise. Magical items are a dime a dozen, and after defeating any typical swarm of enemies it was not uncommon to find ten to twenty magical items strewn about the ground.
The story of the game is also offered up as a reward to the player. Iron Lore had the Academy award nominated writer of Braveheart, Randall Wallace, help out with writing the story, so I had high hopes for this aspect of the game. Although not terrible, the story ends up just being some vague reason as to why you have to go from point A to point B and kill monsters C, D, and E.
Although it has its flaws, Titan Quest makes for a decent package when you factor in online co-op and the packaged world editor.
Translation: it's crap, but you can play with the editor and get to meet interesting people online.

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