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Darkstar One Q&A at Gaming Nexus

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Darkstar One Q&A at Gaming Nexus

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 15 August 2006, 17:58:57

Tags: Darkstar One

There's an interview over at Gaming Nexus which talks about the soon to be States-side space trading "CRPG", Darkstar One. It's a fairly general interview, but some of the answers are interesting. Here's one:

GamingNexus: Most gamers are used to upgrading to different ships as they progress through the game (each more powerful than the last). In DarkStar One you only have one game which you upgrade over time, how do you keep the gamer interested in having the same ship over time? Will the cockpit change at all as you upgrade or is it the same throughout the game?

Alan Wild:
Having more ships and less upgrade options wasn’t an option for us that we felt would fit well within DarkStar One. In an RPG you play one character, and you gain an affinity to that character. This is the feeling we wanted to convey in DarkStar One. Therefore, as the game progresses and the ship becomes more and more powerful, there are more and more items and options for creating the ship that you want to control.​
I see where they're coming from, but I'm just not entirely sure fixing every player in the same ship at the beginning is the way to go about that. Even if it's upgradable, characters in CRPGs tend to have a choice at the beginning as well. If you got to pick your ship in the beginning and make a few tweaks, paint it, and so on; then that might work better.

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