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Darkstar One liked by GameSpot

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Darkstar One liked by GameSpot

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 15 August 2006, 18:08:04

Tags: Darkstar One

GameSpot has a review of Darkstar One. The score is a respectable 8.1/10 with complaints about twitchy controls and not being able to give up on missions. Here's the intro:

"Keep it simple, stupid" isn't a credo that space-sim developers have subscribed to over the years. While other games have practically beaten players senseless with the complicated economics of buying and selling futuristic space-goods, the developers of DarkStar One apparently realized that some of us just want to be Han Solo. This game "gets" the template of 1985's Commodore 64 classic Elite in a way that many other space-trading games released over the past decade or so didn't, thanks to its emphasis on the mid-'80s classic's simple principles of buying low, selling high, and blasting pirates for fun and profit. It comes with a few minor problems in the fit-and-finish department, but the game is still an outstanding return to the frontier spirit that made Elite so memorable.​
I don't mind complex so long as I have the information I need to quickly figure out a few routes here and there. I don't mind dynamic economies as long as they last longer than a blink of the eye.

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