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ADOM fixes bugs

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ADOM fixes bugs

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 21 November 2002, 02:40:33

Tags: Ancient Domains of Mystery

Ancient Domains of Mystery has released a 1.1.2 bugfix patch for the popular rogue-like. Here's half the fixes:

* Trolls sacrificing rocks no longer crash the game.
* Walk Mode now really stops before hitting an altar.
* Fixed a bug which attributed alignments to all kinds of items instead of just corpses and living sacrifices (this was a misguided attempt to fix bug #993 in ADOM 1.1.0).
* A bug in the drowning code has been fixed (if C were a bit more exact in checking expressions this never could have happened... *sigh*).
* A bug in the damage handling code has been fixed.
* The drakeling breath weapon no longer crashes the game.
* The various wealth-related talents no longer yield as much money.
* The various '... Skilled' talents no longer crash the game.
* 'Auto_Select_Doors' now works correctly.
* Monsters who decide to rage blindly no longer will attack themselves.
* The status line now is updated after wiping your face.
* Wiping your face and searching no longer helps to get rid of confusion or stunning.​

You can read the other fixes here.

Snagged this from YARNS.

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