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DarkStar One acceptable to 1Up

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DarkStar One acceptable to 1Up

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 19 August 2006, 19:00:53

Tags: Darkstar One

1Up has a review of the recently released Darkstar One. The score is a steady 7/10
, with the main complaint seeming to be space sims vets will pwn teh kombat.

While it owes much of the inspiration for its concept and gameplay to Freelancer (and, by extension, Wing Commander: Privateer), DarkStar One changes up enough details to keep a pained "not again!" from escaping your lips. The setup will be immediately familiar to any gamer: Your father bequeaths you his final creation, an upgradable, alien-powered spaceship called "Darkstar One." You'll need to use it to scour the galaxy for clues as to who killed him, and why -- which of course unlocks a larger plot wherein the fate of the galaxy may be at stake. Yeah, it ain't Pulitzer worthy (and there are a few kinks in the translated-from-German dialogue), but it works well enough to keep you interested in whom you're killing and why.​
Considering we typically only get like one space trader a year if we're lucky, I can't see anyone complaining about NOT AGAIN!!! with this kind of game.

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