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Game Banshee does Fallout and Wasteland Revisited

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Game Banshee does Fallout and Wasteland Revisited

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 25 August 2006, 14:45:30

Tags: Chris Avellone; Fallout 3

Game Banshee are doing some features where they look back on Fallout. They started off with Ken St. Andre, one of the original level designers for 1988's Wasteland upon which Fallout was based:

Ken: Brian Fargo visited me in Phoenix and described a post World War III game that Interplay wanted to do using some new coding techniques that Alan Pavlish had developed. He asked me if I could come up with such a game, maybe modeled along the lines of the movie "Red Dawn"? I told him I thought I could.​
They've followed that up today with an interview with Chris Avellone:

GB: What were Black Isle Studios' main goals for Fallout 3? How was the third installment going to build on what the first two titles had to offer?

Chris: Before I resigned, the goals were epic, post-apocalyptic world where you fight against a rival party of survivors (I thought this would be a more interesting series of adversaries - instead of a Foozle villain, you have a group that's a lot like your band - they're not evil, just have a different approach), have a few more Science-based options for braniac characters to solve problems (Science Boy), and try to push the theme of the "Prisoner's Dilemma" (bad, quick explanation - it's a theorem that cooperating with an opponent yields a greater reward than trying to beat them) to explore even new ways of solving situations in role-playing games. I also wanted more gender-based epic options (male players could fight for control of Caesar's Legion and use them as an army, Postman-style, and female characters could take charge of the insidious medical infrastructure and "midwife" structure" of the Daughters of Hecate as informants to gain power). I did want to include more elements I'd liked from Wasteland in Fallout 3. I didn't want the game mechanics or view to change much at all, since I didn't find much wrong with the initial two except for the skill imbalance problems and armor and weapon balance problems.​
Chris also says "Bethesda totally works for me. Oblivion kicked a great deal of ass." when asked about Bethesda acquiring the rights to Fallout 3. He also says a Fallout MMORPG would "totally work" too. Finally, he says he's really an "alien, sent here by his commanders to find out how stupid the planet's population are and whether they'll put up any resistance to being mentally raped by my home world's hive mind". Okay, so I may have made that last bit up but you have to wonder.

There's also a part 1 of a History of Fallout article if you want to take a look over what it's all about.

Thanks metallix!
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