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Darkstar One ripped by ActionTrip

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Darkstar One ripped by ActionTrip

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 5 September 2006, 18:29:59

Tags: Darkstar One

Action Trip has done up their review of Darkstar One. The score is 57%, and there's really not too much nice said about the game other than the graphics. Anyway, here's the conclusion:

The biggest problem that Darkstar has by far is the fact that it simply feels like a pale copy of other, far more successful games in the genre. There is nothing in it to grab you while playing. The combat is overly simplistic after you master the controls and the story is about as engaging as the evening news. You almost get the feeling that DO was put together by people who either didn't know how to make an interesting game, or simply lacked the will to do it. Darkstar One is in need of fire and passion; it lacks the imagination and creativity needed to captivate the player. The gameplay feels flat and it becomes very tedious after a while. Even though the initial impressions may suggest differently, DO doesn't deliver the type of experience that space sim fans are looking for.​
Maybe they should have added right-click shield blocking. Then combat would have been TEH WIN.

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