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First Mage Knight Apocalypse review - 2/5

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First Mage Knight Apocalypse review - 2/5

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 28 September 2006, 16:07:15

Tags: Bandai Namco Entertainment; Mage Knight: Apocalypse

GamePro was the first site to review the trainwreck known as Mage Knight Apocalypse: The Quest for More Money, generously giving it 2/5.

Also problematic is Mage Knight's attempts to replicate the multiplayer party experience in a single-player game, an experiment that's derailed by your party members' uniformly generic personalities. For example, when you meet up with Janos Freeborn, you may choose either Janos the Warrior (axe), Janos the Marksman (rifle), or Janos the Gadgeteer (bombs). The only difference between the three iterations is the weapons they carry. So anyone hoping for a little character in their characters will be disappointed by the rigid system imposed on your allies' behavior.

Even worse are the pathing issues associated with this faux-party system. Allies constantly become stuck behind walls and pillars, enemies lose track of you when you walk out of their line of sight, and glitches allow you to hurl spells at blissfully unaware boss mobs. On occasion, we were forced to complete an entire level solo when our two computerized comrades became stuck in a maze somewhere. And people thought Everquest had pathing issues.

During lengthy invasions, battle till you drop; even if you die, you can revive at the closest save point and all the enemies you've vanquished will be gone.​
While nobody has money for decent games anymore, there is always money for trash like MKA.

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