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Lotsa love for MKA at GamersInfo

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Lotsa love for MKA at GamersInfo

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 29 September 2006, 15:39:40

Tags: Bandai Namco Entertainment; Mage Knight: Apocalypse

GamersInfo, a site employing and targeting people with low IQ, has posted a very positive review of Mage Knight Apocalypse, praising "a well designed, well created, interactive story". Let's compare this review with what GamePro had to say:

GI: I am very grateful to the developers of Mage Knight Apocalypse ... They created a game that was everything I hoped it would be and more, and it has been so much fun to play that I haven't wanted to stop long enough to write this review. ... Personally I have found Mage Knight Apocalypse to be one of the best rpg's that has hit the market in a long time.

GP: What we have in Mage Knight is a poor attempt to hop on the WoW gravy train. The developer clearly flayed all the depth and nuance out of the formula that made WoW such a huge commercial success, delivering instead a soulless husk stuffed with empty promises and features that you wouldn't want anyway.

GI: The storyline is, of course, the focus of the game and the reason for playing, and in this particular game the storyline is great. ... In Mage Knight Apocalypse it is the story that is the centralized focus of the game, and I really wish more rpg game developers would get that concept and make it a part of their games.

GP: And as far as the plot goes, Mage Knight is linear like water is wet. The game's single player campaign follows a series of loosely connected skirmishes with the common themes of attack, rescue and invasion.

GI: The more I use skills based on strength, for example, the higher my strength goes. If I need to raise wisdom, I can go out herb hunting and then make potions from what I gather. There is a pretty logical connection between each ability and the skill that raises it, at least from what I've seen.

GP: In reality, however, all that clicking really amounts to little more than arbitrary skill increases that are minimally associated with your play style. For instance, we once received a wisdom increase for smashing open a wine barrel, an experience that was hardly educational or thought-provoking in any way.

GI: ...the content adjusts to where I am, not the other way around. I can simply log in and play the game, experience the story, and enjoy the world.

GP: Mage Knight, however, offers only rigid quests that end with dry, uninspired cut scenes. The ability to lose yourself in the world is almost non-existent.​
If you are looking for a logical explanation of this phenomenon, here is one: "I am usually an MMORPG player".

Thanks, Vidder

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