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Fallout revisited at RPG Watch

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Fallout revisited at RPG Watch

Editorial - posted by Role-Player on Thu 7 December 2006, 16:31:36

Tags: Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game; Interplay

Kawika at RPG Watch has done an editorial piece on Fallout, looking back at the game and reminding us of some of the things that made it so special. Here's a clip:

Although they are essential to the success of any CRPG, it takes more than an engrossing storyline and engaging settings to make such a game truly “special” in the eyes and hearts of the CRPG community, and that’s where Fallout’s one of a kind SPECIAL character-creation system comes into play. SPECIAL is an acronym, indicative of the seven attributes used to describe Fallout characters: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. Besides the attributes, the SPECIAL system also involves a long list of Skills (represented as percentages and any of which can be increased at anytime) and numerous Perks (which give the players the opportunity to actually bend the rules a bit). Exclusive to the Fallout series*, this system, coupled with Fallout’s non-linear gameplay, consequential actions and multiple choice conversations, makes revisiting the wastelands not only an unlimited prospect, but a genuinely pleasurable one as well.

SPECIAL was a fine system but I'd wager its implementation was its best feature.

While the undeniably endearing quality of Fallout has inspired these sequels and spin-offs, each one reinventing its predecessors, it was the original which had so amply eased my uncertain transition from console gamer to PC gamer. It is upon that which I have reminisced most fondly in all my years of gaming and which I will continue to in all my gaming years to come. So, from the viewpoint of a self-professed post-nuclear Fallout Boy in disguise, I thank the creators of Wasteland whose original style made possible Fallout and I thank the creators of Fallout whose playable vision was the catalyst for my unhealthy, yet cherished, obsession for CRPGs. (...)

Nice article by the writer, but I can't help wondering why Fallout is getting this much love all of a sudden. Is true interest sparking anew or is this only due to the license falling into Bethesda's hands?

Spotted at: RPG Watch

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