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Fallout revisited at RPG Watch

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Fallout revisited at RPG Watch

Editorial - posted by Role-Player on Thu 7 December 2006, 16:31:36

Tags: Fallout; Interplay

Kawika at RPG Watch has done an <a href=http://www.rpgwatch.com/show/article?articleid=16&ref=0&id=33>editorial piece[/url] on Fallout, looking back at the game and reminding us of some of the things that made it so special. Here's a clip:

Although they are essential to the success of any CRPG, it takes more than an engrossing storyline and engaging settings to make such a game truly “special” in the eyes and hearts of the CRPG community, and that’s where Fallout’s one of a kind SPECIAL character-creation system comes into play. SPECIAL is an acronym, indicative of the seven attributes used to describe Fallout characters: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. Besides the attributes, the SPECIAL system also involves a long list of Skills (represented as percentages and any of which can be increased at anytime) and numerous Perks (which give the players the opportunity to actually bend the rules a bit). Exclusive to the Fallout series*, this system, coupled with Fallout’s non-linear gameplay, consequential actions and multiple choice conversations, makes revisiting the wastelands not only an unlimited prospect, but a genuinely pleasurable one as well.

SPECIAL was a fine system but I'd wager its implementation was its best feature.

While the undeniably endearing quality of Fallout has inspired these sequels and spin-offs, each one reinventing its predecessors, it was the original which had so amply eased my uncertain transition from console gamer to PC gamer. It is upon that which I have reminisced most fondly in all my years of gaming and which I will continue to in all my gaming years to come. So, from the viewpoint of a self-professed post-nuclear Fallout Boy in disguise, I thank the creators of Wasteland whose original style made possible Fallout and I thank the creators of Fallout whose playable vision was the catalyst for my unhealthy, yet cherished, obsession for CRPGs. (...)

Nice article by the writer, but I can't help wondering why Fallout is getting this much love all of a sudden. Is true interest sparking anew or is this only due to the license falling into Bethesda's hands?

Spotted at: RPG Watch

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