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Action Vault talks to Buka

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Action Vault talks to Buka

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 23 November 2002, 18:56:21

Tags: Paradise Cracked

Action Vault has posted up some questions and answers with Buka, the Russian based software company. You may know them as the company publishing Paradise Cracked and Spells of Gold. Here's a taste:

Action Vault: What is the computer game market like in Russia? How big is it, and what kinds of titles are most popular?

Maxim Mikhalev:
It is a booming market. It is still a market of low prices, but not a market of low sales. We sell up to 150,000 to 200,000 copies in Russia alone, and those numbers are still growing. Due to piracy, it is a very competitive market also, as a Russian gamer can get as many games for three dollars at retail as he wishes. So, products need to be very well made to be really successful here. As for the titles, the preferences are quite international by nature. RPG and strategy are two of the most popular types. Also very popular are action titles. As for other categories, sport titles have no market here, while cartoon adventures are extremely popular. We ourselves develop such adventure titles for Russia only, and make money on them.​

Kind of interesting. I wonder how well those adventure games would sell in other markets.

Spotted this over at VoodooExtreme.

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