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Master Creating help to break Action RPG drought!

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Master Creating help to break Action RPG drought!

Interview - posted by Section8 on Fri 23 March 2007, 19:41:20

Tags: Legend - Hand of God; Master Creating

GBASE have an interview with Jan Beuck of , the guys behind <a href=]Restricted Area. The game they're currently hard at work upon is called Legend - Hand of God, yet doesn't seem to feature any kind of Argentine football chicanery (or jiggery-pokery if you prefer.)

The Cinematic Combat system we developed for Legend should change the portrayal of combat in action RPGs forever. Instead of always beating up enemies the same way, no matter how tall or small, Legend offers dynamic battles. Every battle is different. The hero pursues different strategies depending on the situation. Small enemies are swept away with powerful strokes of the sword, individual parades and numerous special attacks come and go. When attacking larger enemies, however, the hero has to jump in order to even have a chance of hitting them. For example, you can climb on the back of a big troll to bring him down by stabbing him in the neck with your sword. We're quite busy and having lots of fun incorporating finishing moves like that in the game.

At the same time, the equipment of you and your enemies influence the portrayal of battle dynamically. If someone carrying a shield is attacked, he'll use the shield to block attacks. If he has a sword, he uses that. If he carries an axe, he has to dodge. Depending on your weapons, different combat styles emerge. The weapons you carry also represent your decisions in terms of attributes and skills.

The controls stay the way you're used to however. Simple and fast, exactly what you probably expect from an action RPG. The typical gameplay isn't at stake at all.​
If Neverwinter Nights and Knights of the Old Republic weren't so utterly forgettable, this would sound eerily familiar. Oh those <s>Russians</s> Germans.

Spotted at: Blues News

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