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Prelude of Darkness 1.1 patch

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Prelude of Darkness 1.1 patch

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 27 November 2002, 02:26:45

Tags: Prelude to Darkness

Zero-Sum has released the 1.1 patch for Prelude to Darkness. Here's the list of changes/fixes:

* Smoothed scrolling
* Upped Flame Damage and Healing River Spell Amounts
* Fixes attempted for several hardware related crashes
* Fixed disappearing stacks of items when equipped
* Fixed Flame Finger length
* Non-Combat skills improve with use
* Adjusted Combat Skill improvement rates
* NPC movement speeds slowed
* Contrasts adjusted on various windows, buttons, and borders
* Secondary attack rates adjusted
* Previous Topic option added to help menu
* Crashes caused by help topics fixed
* Changes to journal entries and quests

Good work, Mat and CP, before Thanksgiving as promised.

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