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No Mutants Allowed still loves Fallout!

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No Mutants Allowed still loves Fallout!

Editorial - posted by Role-Player on Thu 26 April 2007, 02:17:23

Tags: Fallout

It seems No Mutants Allowed is still in love with Fallout and they finally decided to propose by writing a love letter wherein they count the ways in which they find it beautiful. Actually it's a new (albeit too damn short) article called "The History of Fallout", and was written to clear up frequent misinformation about the game's design and the process in which it was made:

It had been clear from the beginning that Fallout was a game strongly rooted in the pen-and-paper tradition. To the Fallout team, this meant giving the player as many choices as possible, each with its own clear consequence. Tim Cain summarized his view of a good RPG in the following passage:

“In a good RPG, you should be able to make a good variety of starting characters and then develop them in very different ways. Your choices should affect the game in meaningful ways, both in the ongoing game and in the ending you get. Of course, the game should be fun to play and easy to interact with, but that’s true for every genre of game.”​
Silly Cain, don't you know choices are the root of all that's evil?

Thanks, Kotario!

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