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Two Worlds interview at IGN

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Two Worlds interview at IGN

Interview - posted by Role-Player on Thu 10 May 2007, 14:51:54

Tags: Two Worlds

IGN PC has scored an interview with Topware Interactive and their upcoming Oblivion killer Two Worlds. Called "Building Two Worlds", the article discuss several aspects of the gameworld and gameplay for the upcoming RPG:

IGN: Factions seem to have an important role in Two Worlds. How many different factions are there and how does the reputation system work with the factions?

Seaman: There are five major factions in Two Worlds, and you gain and lose reputation with them through your actions and choices. Sometimes, you'll be able to easily predict a reputation change. For example, if The Brotherhood asks you to perform a mission for them, and you do, your reputation will go up with them. But in another instance, you might be asked to steal something and only until the deed has been performed will you realize you've wronged (and lost reputation with) a certain faction.

We wanted the player to feel that they're gaining recognition for their actions, so you'll quickly make powerful friends and enemies as you play Two Worlds. As your reputation with these factions changes, you'll notice a lot of different things opening up for you. Prices at certain vendors will change, there will be different dialogue options, and new quests. There will also be some tough choices that have to be made. Basically, the higher your reputation with one faction, the more opportunity you'll have to decimate that group's enemies. The rewards may be great, but are they worth alienating yourself from a particular group? That's the kind of decision players will have to face.​
Choices and consequences? Silly rabbit. There already is an Oblivion killer - Notepad!

Spotted at: IGN PC

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