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Golden Land - School of Shadows

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Golden Land - School of Shadows

Codex Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 22 March 2003, 05:43:42

Tags: Burut Creative Team; Golden Land

Our third installment on the magic system used by Golden Land, as written by Dmitry Glasnev, the script writer on the project.

Hypnosis - This shadow spell tricks your enemy, and he doesn't consider you the enemy for some time.​

You will comment on this.. You will comment on this..

Mighty Shepherd's Book of Revelations, ch.7:

"As everybody - Gods of the world and people - say that there was nothing before Chaos, I'll show that they were all wrong, and they weren't aware of Chaos' organization and its roots. The explanation is that:
If all the people have an agreement about Chaos, that it is Darkness, so it's something from Shadow, they call it Darkness. And the Shadow is something that came from work that was first. It's clear that it had existed before Chaos. Chaos followed the first work. So, the coming of Pangolin was presented by eclipse."

Pangolin: Who are you?

Grodval: My name is Grodval, and I'm a human. And who are you?

Pangolin: I'm the wisdom of death, which is the wisdom of death, which experienced death, which is called the small wisdom. The mortals call me the Pangolin. I can hear the chimes of desire in you. Veles will take his price.

Grodval: Do you agree to help people who charm using the power of Shadows?

Pangolin: The horn-headed god will be re-born in you. I agree.

The School of Shadows.

The followers of this school are filled with power of the god of dead realms, Pangolin. There is not so much information about him. It is considered that he is the brother of Chernobog, betrayed and killed by him. Found himself in the realms of dead, he stayed here to rule. Veles sends all souls of dead exactly to him after judging them in Navi. Nobody has ever returned from Pangolin's realms, and none of the gods feel sympathy for him, because it is well known that the realms of dead live with hate and envy of Pangolin at both Lucid Gods and to his brother, Chernobog.

The school of Shadows was forethought as the balancing power of the Pact, connected with the powers of equilibrium with school of Gods' magic. The spells of this school became greatly popular among aristocracy. Many of the rich at first took the power of Shadows as the incarnation of the power of Dark, and mistakenly seeked for the path to Chernobog in it. In time, it became clear that the character of Pangolin, though it is filled with rage, is still not as dark and violent as the Chernobog's character. The spells of this school have obscurity, finesse, delicacy and absence of any blazing surface effects. On the other hand, these spells need some intellect and slyness in their application, and, if using them wisely, they give the tremendous, incomparable with almost all, power over the living creatures. The third feature of this school's spells is their hidden direction, which allows the magician to avoid unwanted contacts. This is the most noble and elegant school of the Pact. Below are some of the spells from Shadows school.

Shadow hand - The shadow hand allows interacting with objects at distance. People around you will be amazed, when you will open the door at the opposite end of the room, or transport things from the chest in some distance of you.

Hypnosis - This shadow spell tricks your enemy, and he doesn't consider you the enemy for some time.

Black star - The Black Star takes the magic energy off your enemies. Unfortunately, this spell has limited range of effect.

Healing darkness - The spell creates dark healing cloud, which fills up your health for a while.

Mindwarp - Just in full compliance with its name, this spell causes the aberration to all people who are near. They forget who their friends are, and who are enemies, and start fighting for themselves.

Thanks to Dmitry Glasnev, the script-writer on Golden Land, for taking the time to write this up!

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