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Arx Fatalis Review at GameZone

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Arx Fatalis Review at GameZone

Review - posted by Mistress on Thu 28 November 2002, 16:44:12

Tags: Arx Fatalis

GameZone have posted their review of Arx Fatalis, rating it an overall 8.3/10.

"The control elements are somewhat involved and will take some time to get used to. And because this is a first-person game, that perspective hampers you. It is also a problem in combat. Unfortunately Arx doesn't have a way for you to effectively block or avoid blows in melee combat. You try to deliver the blow before the enemy does and hope to stagger him enough to get in another shot or two. Holding a weapon doesn't affect spellcasting, but the game could have incorporated an option for equipping and switching between two weapons. If one wears down in combat to the point of being somewhat ineffective, the time it takes to open your inventory and equip another weapon could be the determining factor in the battle. You can try to retreat, but when you open your inventory, you stop moving.

Graphically Arx is very good. Some of the animation is a bit off (when you meet the goblin who is collecting the gems mined by the trolls, he asks you to follow him and then seems to occasionally, and without reason, walk in a tight circle), but overall the game looks very good.

The sound is also very solid."​

You can read more about what actually makes the sound so "solid" in the Scoring Details section. Just in case that statement isn't enough for you on its own ;)

Spotted this over at Blue's

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