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Would you like to work with Jason Anderson...

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Would you like to work with Jason Anderson...

Company News - posted by Elwro on Wed 28 November 2007, 09:58:09

Tags: Interplay; Jason Anderson

...and have your salary paid by Herve Caen? That's right, Interplay is now hiring. The openings are for an Environmental Concept Artist (important since he "will assist in defining the 'Style Guide' for the visual direction of the project"), a Content Designer and a System Designer. This last bit is of SPECIAL importance:

Wouldn’t Hurt to Have:
• Familiarity with the Fallout universe and SPECIAL system

According to the message about job openings, the person to contact is Jason Anderson. All this talk of the SPECIAL system and "being a fan of PAW" (Post-Apocalyptic World?) makes one wonder if Mr. Anderson is really working on something else than the Fallout MMO. Of course, it could be that Interplay does not have enough employees yet to manage hiring new ones.
Spotted at: RPG Watch

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