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Mount & Blade .900 released!

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Mount & Blade .900 released!

None - posted by Nedrah on Wed 28 November 2007, 18:09:13

Tags: Armagan; Mount & Blade; TaleWorlds

Taleworlds has updated its critically acclaimed combat simulator with roleplaying elements to version .900!

As usual, there is not a detailed changelog. However, main developer Armagan had the following to say:

This version adds many new quests, a brand new map, lots of new villages and castles, books, AI improvements, gameplay changes and much more!​

Definitely sounds like a huge step forward. If you are looking for a stable game experience, history has shown that it is better not to get anything .x00, but instead to wait for a few patches.

Note that this is a forum only release, meaning you will not find the update on Taleworlds frontpage.

Patch .901 has been released in the meantime, it mostly fixes quest related bugs. Grab it while it's still hot.

Thanks Dagorkan

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