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Gaming Nexus reviews Mask of the Betrayer

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Gaming Nexus reviews Mask of the Betrayer

Review - posted by Elwro on Sun 2 December 2007, 19:58:02

Tags: Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer; Obsidian Entertainment

There's a short review of the NWN2's first (and hopefully not last) expansion over at Gaming Nexus. While they generally seem to like it, they still complain about the abundance of numbers and the steep learning curve. Let's take a look at the concluding paragraph, though:

The polluted learning curve, however, has purchased a multitude of carbon offsets in the form of grand, high-fantasy storytelling; none of it watered down. No dialogue is wasted, and character development is meaningful and sensibly pieced together in tangible snippets. The soundtrack is as lush as ever, the cutscenes continue to be the antithesis of action-packed, but the scripting is massive and occasionally lights atop the Shakespearean (we’re still talking contemporary video games, though, so don’t overrate that statement).​
I'm not sure how scripting can light anything atop and have no idea what they mean by "tangible snippets" of character development, but the abundance of meaningful dialogue options is always something praiseworthy.

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