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Fallout 3 preview at HookedGamers

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Fallout 3 preview at HookedGamers

Preview - posted by Calis on Tue 15 January 2008, 20:12:32

Tags: Fallout 3

I would like to apologize for the fact that I suck at pointing out obviously-ridiculous positivism with snarky sarcasm, but really, fish in a barrel. Again. I'm sure you'll manage to ridicule choice quotes from this short piece without me pointing them out.
Anyway, time to open up ye olde wound and get back to our Bethbashing roots, so here's something to get you all started:

General gameplay aspects are expected to be epic and will reflect Fallout 1 in many respects. One can expect to see high levels of violence and destruction through the Capital Waste. A headshot won’t simply be a shot in the head. It will be a head obliteration.​
If you read it, you can't un-read it.

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