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Arx Fatalis Review at Gamezilla

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Arx Fatalis Review at Gamezilla

Review - posted by Mistress on Tue 3 December 2002, 15:50:26

Tags: Arx Fatalis

Gamezilla have posted a short review of Arx Fatalis, rating it as a Recommended Buy.

"This game has a few flaws, of course, such as some slight clipping issues, along with a limited number of avatars that can be used (only four, and all are male). There is also no multiplayer aspect of the game. Still, gameplay is so enjoyable and engrossing, I feel I must give this game a Recommended Buy. A must have title for the fantasy action aficionado, Arx Fatalis will also appeal to the novice RPG enthusiast as well. Those who like less linear plots might find the title boring after some time, but for the rest of you, Arx Fatalis looks to offer loads of solid gameplay."​

"There is also no multiplayer aspect of the game." I always love hearing that for some reason these days....

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