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Two Worlds' expansion to be standalone

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Two Worlds' expansion to be standalone

Development Info - posted by Elwro on Tue 29 January 2008, 20:40:02

Tags: Reality Pump Studios; Two Worlds II

The latest issue of a Polish gaming mag CD Action brings more info about Two Worlds' expansion pack titled The Temptation. Here's a summary: you won't need the main game to play. The single player campaign continues the story of TW's hero and his sister; we'll again try to save her from a curse and stop the Taint, a horrible magical evil, from deforming the whole world. Bleh. The campaign will take part on a new, huge continent, at least partially inspired by the Arab culture (while the cities will have something in common with Assassin's Creed).

The combat system will be a bit more developed, requiring more player input - there'll be two strike modes and active blocking. 14 new creatures will be introduced (gargoyles, baboons, mysterious tripods (?)...). The graphical engine will be revamped, together with the physics system, which will now enable you to pick up ladders and use them in various places. (Innovation!) You'll also be able to sail the seas surrounding Antaloor in a boat.

Big changes concern the multiplayer part, and as of yet it's not 100% sure whether setting up a multiplayer account will be free of charge. Each player will receive a settlement with some land and NPCs. Then, the game will generate random quests concerning the player's realm, in which other players will be able to help. Surprisingly, there's no mention of a possibility of burning your friend's village - only that a new PvP mode will be introduced in a new patch for the PC version, before summer.

Spotted at: CD Action

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