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Gothic 3 patched to 1.6

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Gothic 3 patched to 1.6

Game News - posted by Elwro on Fri 8 February 2008, 00:12:01

Tags: Gothic III; JoWood Productions

The long-awaited patch for Gothic 3, made by both the game's community members and Spellbound, has finally been released. Grab it from here. Don't be surprised that a game previously patched to 1.12 should now be patched to 1.6, the new numbering follows the one for the pure community patches. The above link includes also the incremental (or decremental in this case) 1.12 -> 1.6 update, although be warned that some features will only work if you begin a new game. An excerpt from the huge changelog:

- Frozen NPCs and creatures will unfreeze after a while in any case.
- Flag "application can handle >2gb addressets".
- Perk "Orc hunter" works now.
- New memory manager implemented to improve performance and stability.
- Error handling in memory pool improved.
- Fixed memory allocation error when saving.
- Memory is now freed correctly.
- Improved memory allocation for memory streams in filesystem/streams.
- Remaining memory impact during save/load reduced from >100MB in some cases to typically less than 1,5MB - thus increasing game stability significantly.​
I wonder if a patch fixing the combat system is possible at all...
Spotted at: RPGWatch

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