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Golden Land - School of Light

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Golden Land - School of Light

Codex Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 5 April 2003, 17:06:16

Tags: Burut Creative Team; Golden Land

Our fourth article on the magic system in Golden Land. This one covers the The school of Light.

Supernova - powerful magic energy of light causes great damage to your enemy.​

Nothing like baking nasty critters in town!

Extract from the Mighty Shepherd's Book Of Revelations, ch.4:

I've heard the voice talking to me: "Listen and understand what I'll tell you at first time about the great powers which were at the beginning, before my appearance. These were Light, Dark and Spirit among them. As your root - unborn Spirit - felt into oblivion, I'll tell you the truth about the powers. The Light was the Thought, filled with sound and word, united in one image. And the Dark was the wind in the waters. It had the Mind, vested in the blusterous fire. And the Spirit among them was the light, soft and muted. These are three roots." The voice of Belobog is like cold flame - it burns you from inside, filling your soul with the wind, and immersing it into the waters of light. It was most hard for Grodval to speak to Lucid Lord, but the conversation was pleasant:

- I am Belobog, the Father of Light. Who are you, my child?

- My name is Grodval. I came to ask you of favor.

- I know your request. I am the son of unblemished, boundless Light. So I'm the ray of the eternal Light, and its incarnation. And I'll give my powers to you and your followers every time they'll ask for it.

- I thank you, Lucid Father...

The school of Light

This school is filled by the power of the greatest of Lucid Gods - Belobog. This god of Light, ruler of the visible world, is also the protector of Golden Land. Exactly he, as legend says, populated this land with first people and studied them to cultivate the land and to hammer the iron. From that time Belobog always have been cared about his creatures, protecting them from evil and accidents. The school of Light was created by Grodval for the priests of Lucid Gods' temples. The priests, inspired by Belobog, use strong power of Unborn Light. The spells of this school are mostly for defence, but some of them can cause great damage. The destructive power of Light is most effectife against dark, evil creatures. Below there are some of the spells from magic school of light:

Inspiration - this powerful spell inspires you or your ally, increasing his luck, intelligence and wisdom.

Supernova - powerful magic energy of light causes great damage to your enemy.

Double sphere - this is one of the most powerful magic spell, which visingly increases resistanse to magic and mechanic damage. The magician who uses double sphere is quite invulnerable.

Blindness - the flash of skylight does not scorch, but can make the enemy blind for some time.

Healing rainbow - the concentration of life energy, unprecedented by its power, heals you and all your allies, but takes all your magic energy. This spell should be used only in case of emergency.

Thanks to Dmitry Glaznev, script-writer of Golden Land for taking the time to write this up!

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