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Fallout 3 interview at videogaming247

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Fallout 3 interview at videogaming247

Interview - posted by Calis on Tue 19 February 2008, 18:26:44

Tags: Fallout 3

A rather short interview on Fallout 3 was published at Videogaming247. Here's a tidbit on inspiration sources, straight from The Toddler's mouth:

(Q:) The “post-disaster” genre isn’t particularly well visited in games, certainly not as well as in movies and books. Do you look outside games for inspiration? We’re thinking along the lines of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”, and so on.

(A:) You picked one of the big ones, yes. “The Road” is fantastic and came out in the middle of our design phase, so it became required reading for many of us. We looked at many post nuclear movies, some very disturbing, things that deal with Hiroshima and such, and it gave us a good look at that type of nuclear destruction. Other general ones we looked at were things dealing with survival or how people deal with the effects of any war or rebuilding.​
Now, admittedly I'm only on page 90 in the book, but I fail to see how this book could be inspirational for a Fallout game. Maybe Bethesda needed an award-winning novel to point out that yes, in a post-apocalyptic world shit tends to be bad, and yes, nasty people tend to be about in a lawless post-apocalyptic world.

Spotted at the artist formerly known as the Dot

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