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Vince D Weller on Non-Combat Gameplay

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Vince D Weller on Non-Combat Gameplay

Editorial - posted by Section8 on Thu 28 February 2008, 04:39:10

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; Vince D. Weller

Vault "Vince" Dweller has been busy finding ways to distract himself from completing Age of Decadence, and the most recent fruit of his loins is a FAQ-like article championing the all too rare ideal of non-combat gameplay.
As we all know RPG usually means a game where you kill things. If you are role-playing a good character, you kills things in the name of justice and general goodness, weeping for every life taken. If you are role-playing an evil character, you kill with glee because you are evil (duh!), and finally, if you are playing an undecided character, you kill things and shrug.

He forgot to mention the Bioware option, where you kill things to unlock full digital nudity , but the rest of the article is well worth a read.

Spotted on the Iron Tower Forums.

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