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Vince D Weller on Non-Combat Gameplay

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Vince D Weller on Non-Combat Gameplay

Editorial - posted by Section8 on Thu 28 February 2008, 04:39:10

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; Vince D. Weller

Vault "Vince" Dweller has been busy finding ways to distract himself from completing Age of Decadence, and the most recent fruit of his loins is a FAQ-like article championing the all too rare ideal of non-combat gameplay.

As we all know RPG usually means a game where you kill things. If you are role-playing a good character, you kills things in the name of justice and general goodness, weeping for every life taken. If you are role-playing an evil character, you kill with glee because you are evil (duh!), and finally, if you are playing an undecided character, you kill things and shrug.​
He forgot to mention the Bioware option, where you kill things to unlock full digital nudity , but the rest of the article is well worth a read.

Spotted on the Iron Tower Forums.

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