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Fairly inane Fallout 3 plea at Crispy Gamer

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Fairly inane Fallout 3 plea at Crispy Gamer

Editorial - posted by Calis on Sat 22 March 2008, 17:55:44

Tags: Fallout 3

From the "this wouldn't have been news if it hadn't been put into our contact form" department comes this analytically-infantile piece of crap that another of the site's editors touts as "thoughtful":

Let's pull title number three from the aforementioned top 10 list: Fallout (and its sequel, which I sort of lump together, though I think the original is a slightly superior overall title). I love Fallout. I have replayed Fallout more times than I can count, using a variety of different character strategies. I keep it installed on my laptop at all times for boring flights, train rides and visits to the coffee shop, and my most recent full play-through was only a few months ago.​
Nobody who has read the ~1000 words of white noise you produced believes you, Chris.
It's hard to really make fun of that editorial, since really, there's nothing there. THERE'S NOTHING THERE!

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