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Two Worlds expansion levels up

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Two Worlds expansion levels up

Development Info - posted by JarlFrank on Sat 22 March 2008, 19:52:37

Tags: Two Worlds II

Some of you might remember the game Two Worlds, which wanted to be an extremely ambitious Oblivion clone but ultimately got swallowed by the void of mediocrity. Some time ago they announced an expansion for the game, and now they decided to make it something more - a full sequel.

First announced back in November of last year as an Add-On for their Xbox 360 and PC RPG Two Worlds, Southpeak Games has promoted Two Worlds: The Temptation to full sequel status. The Temptation, which takes place in Eastern Antaloor where the graphics are better, simply expanded beyond expansion.​

So, basically, the sequel plays in a region of the gameworld where the graphics are better. Increased amount of bloom never was explained in a better way before. Now we finally know why sequels always look shinier than the predecessors!

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Spotted at: Kotaku.com

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