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Avernum 5 Review by Scorpia

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Avernum 5 Review by Scorpia

Review - posted by JarlFrank on Sun 23 March 2008, 17:50:24

Tags: Avernum 5; Sam Brown; Spiderweb Software

Scorpia, a woman who has been a gaming journalist for quite some time, has written a pretty good and in-depth review about Spiderweb's new game, Avernum 5.

Further tinkering can be done by choosing one or two (no more) traits for your characters. These can be beneficial ones, which carry experience penalties, or negative ones, which carry experience bonuses. The negatives are so terrible, I don’t recommend them. Most increase the damage taken, which is a very bad thing.

AV5 has some “special” skills, not available at the start (except Gymnastics for Nephils) which can be obtained in several ways: raising certain stats or skills, equipping an item, or learned from a trainer.​

It's pretty good, but for my tastes it delves a bit too deeply into game mechanics, talking about numbers and statistics. Things like that should rather be left to the user manual than to a review, and it confuses a bit.

Read the full review here.

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