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Arx Fatalis Review on GamesRadar

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Arx Fatalis Review on GamesRadar

Review - posted by Mistress on Wed 4 December 2002, 19:04:35

Tags: Arx Fatalis

Another review of Arx Fatalis has been posted over on GamesRadar.

They give it a score of 82%, and while the review opens on a slightly fanboyish note, they do go on to discuss the game a little more objectively. Here's a snippet:

"Irritatingly, despite this wealth of environmental character, Arx Fatalis falls down when it comes to actual characters. Enemies and NPCs alike hang around in roughly the same places, conversations limited to either irrelevant one-liners (usually an unsubtle invitation for you to effect your egress) or cut-scenes. There are no dialogue choices, and the main character Am Sheagar - an ancient Sumerian phrase meaning 'to hit one's keyboard at random' - is indescribably dull. For its part, the plot is as lifeless as a god of death. Quite literally. "​

Spotted over at RPGDot

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