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The prestigious RPGCodex magazine

None - posted by JarlFrank on Thu 10 April 2008, 20:52:37

Tags: Afterfall; Intoxicate Interactive

We're apparently a magazine now, and prestigious. At least that's what the Afterfall press release says.

The Afterfall crew – Intoxicate Interactive Group, currently: Nicolas Games Intoxicate – was an independent crew of game developers and gamers, who spent over 3 years on the project of a post-nuclear computer role-playing game with a storyline based in central Europe. Afterfall was announced by many Internet sites in Poland and worldwide. News also featured numerous interviews, amongst all an interview with the project’s lead designer, published in the prestigious "RPGCodex" magazine.

That's right, we're mentioned in an official press release as a very prestigious magazine. I don't think the guy who wrote this ever read any thread in here.

Spotted at: Gamebanshee

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