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Pete Hines interviewed at IGN

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Pete Hines interviewed at IGN

Interview - posted by Calis on Wed 23 April 2008, 09:45:58

Tags: Fallout 3

IGN got a hold of Pete Hines to ask him a few Fallout 3 questions. On par with other interviews, there's not a whole lot of meat in there. Here's something most of you already know:

Pete Hines: It'll be like in the original games, where the ending that you got was a compilation of different things that you would have done along the way, main quest related or not main quest related, you piece it all together so it's custom tailored to what you did. We want player choice to be meaningful, so anything that you get will be based upon what you chose to do – did you save this town, did you blow it up – and taking what you did and retelling it back to you so that it's meaningful to you as opposed to having one generic ending.​
Interview linkie in case you care.

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