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Fallout 3 and things learned from Oblivion at Play.tm

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Fallout 3 and things learned from Oblivion at Play.tm

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 27 April 2008, 17:55:10

Tags: Fallout 3

Play.tm has an interview with Petey Boy Hines about Fallout 3. Topics include the choice of first person, the story, the humor, this and that, and this:

What have you learned from Oblivion and how important a release was this, in relation to Fallout 3?

Every game we make always helps us learn how to make these types of games better. There are lots of things we're doing differently in terms of quests and gameplay balance based on our experiences with Oblivion, but also realize that Fallout 3 is a different game in terms of scope. There are fewer people living in this post-nuclear world, and so that change alone makes it a lot easier to give everything more depth and meaning that when you make a game like Oblivion that has so many more characters living in this one place, and all these big, thriving cities to account for.​
Less can still be less if you get people to think it's more? Even more less if you can convince people it's more work even when it's less. That's it, more or less.

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