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Mount & Blade now at .950

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Mount & Blade now at .950

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 29 April 2008, 03:26:32

Tags: Mount & Blade; TaleWorlds

Mounted horse combat thingy Mount & Blade has been upped to version 0.950. Here's what's been added:
1. No Zendar
2. New skill - looting
3. Training camps
4. Many new video options
5. Win favor of ladies
6. Challenge lords
7. Actual tournaments in the arena!
8. Fight in the arena in practice melee - no teams, enemies respawn.
9. Constant fights in the arena
10. New character development at the start
11. Many new animations - when you kill troops, the merchants moving around and not being perfectly still
12. Ask the citizens how they are doing
13. Ambient sounds in the towns
14. Spears seem better now! Thank god.
15. MANY new options for face creation
16. Heraldric equipment. Smile
17. New heroes.
18. Map is bigger
19. MANY new towns and cities
20. Don't say anything bad about the Rhodoks, they have a lot more land now.

This is not the final version yet, but we have put in most of the features we are planning to, and after this, our job will mostly be polishing rough corners and fixing bugs and problems. To this end, I hope that you will help us, as you always do, by providing feedback, comments and bug reports. We have the basics here, but there is still a lot to do, especially in terms of long term game balance, but I am sure, together, we'll create a stable and very fun game by the time we have the final release.

It's not quite an official release yet, meaning it doesn't appear on the main page but you can find a list of mirrors to download it here.

Thanks Szioul!

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